Four more stores to join Tesco strike but staff at Lucan store vote against joining the picket line

Four more stores to join Tesco strike but staff at Lucan store vote against joining the picket line

Workers at a further four Tesco stores have voted to join the strike which is taking place at a number of locations across the country, including Ballyfermot.

Yesterday Mandate General Secretary John Douglas, said the union has made a genuine effort to achieve a breakthrough in relation to the ongoing dispute.

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In a vote taken last night workers at stores in Carlow, Bloomfield, Ballinasloe and Newbridge voted in favour of strike action in relation to changes to contracts which will affect 250 workers.

From next Monday, February 27 workers at 20 stores will be on the picket line.

However, six of the 10 stores balloted last night voted against strike action, including staff at the Lucan store.

Mandate Assistant General Secretary Gerry Light said: “No doubt this intense pressure by management had an impact on the votes of some workers, but the union congratulates all those who withstood the pressure and balloted to protect all contracts of employment in Tesco Ireland.

Nonetheless, unlike Tesco Ireland, we fully respect the democratic decisions made by all members and the strike will get underway next Monday in four additional stores as will continue in the 16 stores where it is currently underway.”

Mr light concluded by saying Mandate’s offer last Friday to immediately suspend the strike if the company refrained from threatening the terms and condition of staff still offers the best option for a resolution to the dispute. 

He said: “Four days later, the company’s continued refusal to engage meaningfully with the union poses questions about ‘Project Black’ and its union busting agenda.”

Meanwhile, in a statement from Tesco the company said: “The reality remains that this strike is not working based on tonight’s results and should be called off.  

“It has not been supported in the way Mandate expected by employees or customers with the call for strike rejected by many stores.

“Mandate should now call off plans for further ballots and re-assess its strike strategy.

“Tesco welcomes the decision of colleagues tonight in Ashbourne, Lucan, Westport, Killarney Park, Killarney Street and Middleton.”

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