Gardai warn teens on ‘gang muggings’

Gardai warn teens on ‘gang muggings’

By Mary Dennehy

GARDAI are investigating if there is a connection between two similar ‘gang muggings’ in Tallaght, which saw a group of teens threaten other young people with violence before robbing them of their phones, cash and jewellery.

Last Friday, November 24, a mugging in Tymon Park was, according to gardai, reported at around 8.30pm, with a second mugging reported approximately 15 minutes later in Alderwood in Springfield.

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 Both incidents involved young people being targeted by a group of six teens, with one victim reporting that a screwdriver was held to his neck.

The Echo understands that in both muggings the gang took phones, which they made their victims clear off all passwords, and cash – with a sentimental watch and a bag of shopping, which contained new clothes for Christmas, also stolen during the Springfield incident.

 A Garda source told The Echo: “Two similar muggings occurred that night in Tallaght. There are similar traits between the two but there is a bit of a distance between Tymon and Springfield if you take into account the time difference between the two incidents . . . both appear to have happened between 8.30pm and 9pm.

“However, investigations are ongoing and we are not excluding that the crimes are connected.”

The source added: “In both incidents young people were targeted by other young people and were threatened and phones and cash taken.

“We would ask people, especially at this time of year, to not carry large amount of cash and to be mindful that they are not walking around while on their mobile phone – just be conscious of your personal security.

“Also, if anybody notices anything suspicious to contact the station, we would rather prevent a crime than have to investigate one.”

Anybody with information is encouraged to contact Tallaght Garda Station on 6666000.

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