Golf Club sold with reserve price of €850k

Golf Club sold with reserve price of €850k

By Aideen O'Flaherty

MEMBERS of the Dublin Mountain Golf Club in Brittas feel “enormous relief” after the location of their golf course – which was sold last August – appears to be being maintained as a golf course.

The golf course where the Dublin Mountain Golf Club has been located for the past 25 years was sold for an undisclosed sum during the summer, after the 102-acre land was primed for auction by Brennan Town and Country with a reserve price of €850k.


Dublin Mountain Golf Club will remain open to members

There were fears that the sale would spell the end of the 135-member golf club, however the club members are now optimistic about the future, after recent work has been carried out at the site that seems to point to the land continuing to be maintained as a golf course.

A spokesperson for the Dublin Mountain Golf Club told The Echo: “As far as I know, the club may or may not continue under the name of Dublin Mountain Golf Club, but it will continue as a golf club.

“We understand that decisions are being made about updating the greens on the course.”

Many of the members were concerned that the club would be no more following the sale, but they are buoyed by the news that the site will likely continue on as a golf course.

“There’s enormous relief, great excitement and anticipation, and huge enthusiasm,” added the spokesperson.

“I am hugely enthusiastic and confident about the future of the club. 

“It’s a huge social outlet for the members, and the camaraderie and friendship in the Dublin Mountain Golf Club couldn’t be replicated in any other club.”

The Echo contacted Brennan Town and Country to ascertain how much the site sold for and who the new owners are, but a response was not received in time for print.

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