Group plans to create mini-Gaeltacht enclave in Clondalkin

Group plans to create mini-Gaeltacht enclave in Clondalkin

By Brendan Grehan

A GROUP of Irish speakers have plans to construct a mini-Gaeltacht in Clondalkin.

The group’s plan is to build a number of houses for Irish-speaking families where the families can live and speak Irish together.

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Councillor Breeda Bonner told The Echo: “The idea is that the group would purchase land and then construct a number of houses where they could live together. The idea has worked in Belfast where it is now through to the second generation.

The plan was recently raised in a motion before the Clondalkin Area Committee meeting of South Dublin County Council which was tabled by Cllr Bonner.

Cllr Bonners motion stated: “A group of Irish speakers is interested in establishing a Gaeltacht in Clondalkin. They wish to buy a site and to build houses for people whose first language is Irish.

“They are not looking for funding and are willing to get mortgages etc. Can the Chief Executive present a report in getting an area in Clondalkin designated as a Gaeltacht Area.”

The council response was that “The development of Gaeltacht regions in the County is set out in the Gaeltacht Act 2012. It sets out to designate Gaeltacht language planning areas, Gaeltacht service towns and Irish language networks.”

They added: “Communities can apply for a designation of Irish Language Network under the Act which may be granted by Ministerial order (Section 11of the Act). Communities who seek the designation will have prepared an Irish Language Plan.”

The council stated that two motions have been adopted by SDCC at Draft Development Plan stage as follows:

“Where practicable the policies and objectives of the South Dublin County Council Development Plan 2016-2022 will promote the Irish Language” and “The South Dublin County Council Development Plan 2016-2022 will include policies and objectives that seek to protect and enhance the County’s heritage including cultural heritage.”



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