Have The Echo delivered to your home each week

Have The Echo delivered to your home each week

By Hayden Moore

CAN you not get out to the shops right now? As a result of the constantly changing environment caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, The Echo have adapted how we deliver the paper each week.

The operation of the newspaper going to print on Wednesday and being on shop shelves every Thursday has not changed, and we have added an additional service to ensure that you get your weekly fix of local news.

The Echo Home delivery 090420

Echo reporter Hayden Moore 

Through the home delivery service, readers stuck at home can pre-pay for up to six-weeks of the newspaper at a time and have the new edition delivered straight to their door, each week.

“We have been overwhelmed by the community support in recent weeks,” explains Managing Director of The Echo, Emma Kennedy.

“Even though we’ve had to halt our door-to-door network, the option to use our home delivery is there for people if they can’t get out to the shops.”

Those looking to avail of the service who may be vulnerable or elderly, or those who just can’t get to the shops at this time, can subscribe to the home delivery service by calling The Echo at 01-4685350.

Following Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s address on March 27, measures as a result of the coronavirus were announced that limited professions to essential and non-essential.

The Echo has been able to continue operating through the pandemic, to deliver news and inform the community, as a result.

“We are delighted that news print media is categorised as an essential business during this time, therefore we are able to take the right health and safety precautions to deliver The Echo right to your door, every week,” Emma concluded.

Right now, you can subscribe to the home delivery service of the newspaper by calling 01-4685350 or separately, you can subscribe to The Echo Online by visiting Subscribe

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