Here’s how to donate to Ballyfermot man Christy Carey’s Kathmandu fund

Here’s how to donate to Ballyfermot man Christy Carey’s Kathmandu fund

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Proud Route 27 driver, Christy Carey from Ballyfermot, recently swapped Dublin Bus for the chaos and colour of Kathmandu, as part of RTÉ’s documentary, ‘The Toughest Place to Be’.

As part of the adventure, Christy learned to drive a bus in Kathmandu, one of the world’s most polluted and congested cities.

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For the duration of his stay, Christy was welcomed by a local Nepalese family. Jaya Ram Pandey, a bus driver in Kathmandu, and his family opened their home to him and treated him as one of their own.

While there, Christy was humbled by the poverty and devastation he witnessed by the family and the local community. For instance, Jaya Ram’s father’s (Janak Raj Pandey) house was completely destroyed during the 2015 earthquake and unfortunately, the family cannot afford to fix it. 

After Christy’s experience in Kathmandu, he would like to give back to the family who welcomed him so lovingly into their home, and the people of the local community that really touched his heart, such as the bus conductor Thapa.

Christy’s aim is to raise €15,000 which will go to fund the restoration of Janak Raj’s house and contribute to an education fund for Jaya Ram’s children while also donating a small sum to Thapa, the bus conductor.

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