Householders and businesses reluctant to have bottle banks near them says county council
The bottle bank was removed from Knocklyon Shopping Centre to facilitate upgrade works

Householders and businesses reluctant to have bottle banks near them says county council

HOUSEHOLDERS and businesses in South Dublin County are “reluctant” to have bottle bank facilities near them, according to South Dublin County Council.

The local authority stated this at a recent Area Committee Meeting in response to a question by Fianna Fáil councillor Deirdre O’Donovan, concerning bottle bank allocations in the Knocklyon area.

This follows on from the removal of bottle banks in Knocklyon Shopping Centre last year to facilitate upgrade works to the car park. The bottle banks at that site have yet to be reinstated.

A council spokesperson said: “These works have been completed now and the property management company in charge of the area have been asked to put the bottle banks back in place.

“A response to this request is awaited.”

This is symptomatic of a larger issue with the placement of bottle banks in the county, as while [the council] said it’s “anxious” to secure more bottle banks in the county, this is scuppered by an apparent reluctance by people to have them in close proximity to homes or businesses.

“The council is anxious to establish additional bring bank sites around the county,” stated the council.

“However, in recent years it has been possible to establish only a very small number of additional sites.

“While the community in general requires this service, householders and businesses are reluctant to have these facilities close by.

“The council’s community recycling strategy requires that consultation with affected residents or businesses is required on any proposal to locate a bring bank within 50 metres of that property.

“It is also the case that many privately-owned sites, such as neighbourhood shopping centres for example, are suitable for the siting of bring banks, however, in most cases, the property owners or property management companies are unwilling to give permission for such proposals.

“The council will however continue to seek additional sites where possible and any assistance that can be provided in this regard would be gratefully received.”

The council will be carrying out a review of its recycling strategy this year, including looking at the issues which are “obstructing progress” in the placement of bottle banks in the county.

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