Jobstown native creates children’s fantasy novel and album

Jobstown native creates children’s fantasy novel and album

By Aideen O’Flaherty

A JOBSTOWN native has created an ethereal world through a children’s fantasy novel and an accompanying album writes Aideen O’Flaherty.

Denis Thompson wrote Centurium, The Land of Creedon, about a young boy called Nathan who has recurring dreams of another world.

Denis Thompson author 12 January 2017

In these dreams Nathan encounters “frogs as big as dogs, giant slugs and creatures with horns that stretch back like handlebars.”

But this surreal world becomes fused with reality, when Nathan encounters a strange creature he isn’t supposed to have seen.

When talking about the album and book, local author Denis Thompson said: “My goal was to capture the essence of another world through writing and music and I hope that in achieving that, readers and music lovers can lose themselves in the book and get taken away in song, just like I do.”

Publisher Emer Cleary, co-founder of Emu Ink, said: “Every once in a while you come across a book that sucks you in, to such an extent, that you forget about your own world for a little while.

“In Centurium, The Land of Creedon, we have just that.

“The imagination behind each character and the adventure in the story, is second to none.”

The book is being published by Emu Ink, with paperback edition available to buy at, while the album is available on iTunes.

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