Laneway problem goes to public consultation

Laneway problem goes to public consultation

By Mary Dennehy

THE 27-year issue around the extinguishment of a laneway in Raheen is going to public consultation, with the council also delivering an information leaflet on the process to all residents living in the area.

Branded the ‘lane of chance’ by residents, the laneway has been the subject of much debate over the past two decades, with the unlit lane being the location of an alleged sexual assault on a young woman in February.

lane in Raheen 1

According to residents the lane is also a beacon for muggings, anti-social behaviour, drug-dealing, drinking and stolen cars.

Proposals to close the lane, which was originally constructed as an access route to the bus, shops and schools in the area, were discussed a number of years back.

However, due to its function as an access route, an agreement wasn’t reach between residents.

In council chambers on Monday, July 10, the council voted in favour of initiating the public consultation process for the extinguishment of the public right of way in Raheen.

According to Sinn Féin councillor Cora McCann: “This issue has been cropping up at a council level for the past 27 years.

“The right of way has been a hotspot for anti-social and criminal behaviour for decades. Local residents in Raheen Close have been constantly dealing with damage to their properties and house break-ins which needs to be addressed.”

She added: “On a wider community level the concern of residents and the local Sinn Féin team is the threat to people’s safety who access the walkway.

“Following numerous attacks on individuals, and criminal behaviour and illegal dumping, it is time to follow through and address these issues once and for all.”

The council will deliver an information leaflet to all residents living in the area which will detail the public consultation process and the deadline for submissions.

Information received through the public consultation state will inform the council vote in October.

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