Local libraries stock home energy saving kits
Energy saving kits are stocked in Castletymon library

Local libraries stock home energy saving kits

LIBRARIES in South Dublin hold a stock of Codema Home Energy Saving Kits and can be borrowed over a two-week period.

According to South Dublin County Council, the Home Energy Saving Kit aims to help householders make sense of the energy they use every day. The items in the toolkits address three key areas of energy use – space heating, hot water and electricity consumption.

Each kit contains six practical tools that help householders understand how their home uses energy and ways to find possible savings.

The six tools in the kits include a Fridge/Freezer thermometer that allows you to adjust the temperature in your fridge and freezer to save energy.

Aslo included are a Temperature and humidity meter, that identifies the temperature and humidity levels in every room in your house and a Radiator key to bleed your radiators and make them heat more efficiently.

You will also find a Thermal Leak Detector that measures the temperature of your walls, floors, windows and ceilings to identify air leaks and draughts or insufficient insulation and glazing and a Plug-In Energy Monitor that allows you to see how much energy the appliances in your home use and calculate their running costs.

The final item is a Stopwatch. With this you can measure the water flow rate of your taps and adjust to save water and money on heating it.

The kit can be borrowed for a period of two weeks and helps residents take the first step in becoming more energy efficient by identifying problem areas in your home and helping you make sense of the energy you consume daily.

There are 14 kits available through the following branches of South Dublin Libraries: Ballyroan, Castletymon, Clondalkin, Lucan, North Clondalkin and Tallaght.

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