Looking for an opportunity? Free tech skills training for jobseekers

Looking for an opportunity? Free tech skills training for jobseekers


Are you currently unemployed and tired of the uncertainty surrounding Covid?

Not sure what the next career move is, but keen to find an exciting and ever-evolving career that’s full of job opportunities?


If so, how does the tech world sound to you?

The tech sector has generally been less negatively affected and in some areas this pandemic has driven a broader uptake of software tools and tech.

Unemployed with little tech experience?

Maybe you’re worried about your lack of experience or the financial uncertainty you face with Covid?

You might feel now isn’t the time to be putting money into education? Or you may not be sure which direction you should take in terms of tech options?

Luckily we have good news for you……the Future in Tech Programme Pathways. 

These are seven new tech skills programmes to help non-tech jobseekers rapidly and easily develop new digital skills and access new job opportunities.

Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and the member companies.

Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

This is an exciting opportunity for ambitious job-seekers. And there’s plenty of choice so you can find the right fit for your aptitudes and interests.

What are the programme pathways available?

There are 7 distinct and compelling pathways available. They are

-IT Technical Support Specialist

-IT Networking Specialist

-Cloud Practitioner

-Digital Marketing Professional

-Cybersecurity Analysis

-Software Developer

-Web Developer

Each career path is quite different and comes with industry certified qualifications and all make for engaging and rewarding career prospects into the future, for the right candidates.

Benefits of the programme

-Industry Certified qualifications – specific to each pathway

-Career Support – You will not be alone as you’ll have access to expert guidance & support to help you find your dream job.

-Mentor programme with some of the biggest & prestigious companies involved, this can be a real eye opening and powerful learning experience.

-It’s completely Free.

-Networking Opportunities. Make strategic contacts and hit the ground running upon graduation.

-It’s Completely Free (that is not a typo).

-Hands on and Practical – You will be learning through weekly Action Learning Labs in small groups of 5/6 student plus 1-1 support.

-Supercharge your CV with company based projects and of course an Industry Certified Qualification.

-Life Changing Opportunity – Completely change the trajectory of your Career.

Who is the Future in tech programmes for?

-Unemployed, jobseekers

-Ambitious people who want to take charge of their career and gain a career in tech.

Application Form for the programme is an Investment in yourself and the future

Covid is not going to last forever. Equally we don’t know how long it will last and here’s a chance to really make the most of this pause in “normal” life to make a positive change in direction and open up new horizons.

Why not give it a go? 

While we are in the eye of a storm at present – tech is forecasted to grow and bounce back in 2021.

If you’re looking for work it makes sense to focus your energies on where the opportunities are likely to be. Tech is also a vast and ever evolving industry with many different kinds of roles available.

The key question is – will you take up this opportunity to grow your skills and change direction?

The opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies and industry experts in their field is something that doesn’t turn up too often.

The Future in Tech pathways provide a great platform to learn and a springboard to kick-start your new career. 

Future in Tech – ready to get started?

kick start your own career in tech. If you don’t make it to the second round, don’t worry – there will be more programmes in the future, keep looking out for courses and options and stay safe.

If you have any questions about the programme or your eligibility – please email future@ictskillnet.ie or visit the Future in Tech website HERE

The Application Deadline is October 16th 2020.

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