bracelets  help people on their journey bracelets help people on their journey

By Maurice Garvey

MOTIVATIONAL jewellery is an interesting concept that has proved successful for Rathfarnham entrepreneur Laura Swaine-Lawlor, both personally and in business.

Years ago, Laura (35) was in a slimming class and making her own beads to celebrate reaching goals.

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Laura Swaine-Lawlor’s jewellery business has proven a success

This came to the attention of group members, who wanted their own beads, and they inspired Laura to start her own venture.

In 2017, Laura established the jewellery e-commerce business Love, Jools on Instagram.

Initially, the sterling silver ‘One Bead at a Time’ bracelets were to help people on their weight loss journeys.

However, in more recent times, Laura has expanded the business model to include charms, necklaces and cards.

A member of Guaranteed Irish, Laura’s products are designed and handcrafted in Dublin, but it was quality she wanted to pursue.

“Better quality, not cheap but something that lasts longer,” she said.

“Generally it is dress jewellery. Everything is hand-made in Dublin, and the products get the hallmarks in Dublin Castle.

“I’m a proud member of Guaranteed Irish, they have been very good. They put on training and courses, web development, tips on things you need on the website.

“I can see where people come from and I get a few visitors from their website.”

Laura created her own website without much fuss, and while it took off like a shot, Covid-19 has impacted the little guys more than most.

“During Covid, a lot of people are overwhelmed, trying to survive the day, counting their own steps. It has changed the business but hopefully now things are opening back up, it will help.”

Laura also battled a health scare two years ago.

“I now use my bracelet to celebrate positive post cancer check ups having overcome cervical cancer in 2019. I add a bead when I go back for checkups every six months,” she said.

“Celebrating the little wins, trains the brain to win. A bead is added for each step on a journey or towards a goal.

“When you have a visual reminder of how far you have come to look back on, it propels you forward, building momentum.

“Although the product was originally designed for weight loss journeys, it organically grew.

“Women began using their bracelets to track and celebrate all sorts of goals and journeys that I couldn’t have even imagined such as clearing debts, quitting cigarettes, workouts completed, weeks pregnant, chemo sessions completed, anxiety free days and even countries travelled.”

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