Meet Sarah O’Reilly, Manager of Jordan’s Super Valu Fortunestown
Sarah O' Reilly is the Manager of Jordan's Super Valu Fortunestown

Meet Sarah O’Reilly, Manager of Jordan’s Super Valu Fortunestown

MEET Sarah O’Reilly, the Manager of Jordan’s Super Valu in Fortunestown.

Working with Jordan’s for more than 20 years, Sarah grew up in Springfield and is a past student of St Mark’s Community School.

More than two decades ago, Sarah started working on the deli and now 20 years later, manages the busy local store.

“I love working with people, love training people and love seeing people progress”, Sarah told The Echo.

“I also love the Tallaght customers, and the craic you have with them.”

Sarah believes that local shops play an important role in communities

She added: “So many people really reply on us in the community.

“For some customers we may be the only ones they speak with every day, especially since Covid.

“We’d do anything for our customers… and our customers recognise that we’re there for them.

“We were here during the massive snow, during lockdown, and they thank us for coming into work… they’re just deadly.”

Sarah is very proud of the team at Super Valu Fortunestown

During Lockdown, Super Valu Fortunestown created a WhatsApp service for customers who were unable to get to the shop, a free-delivery service that the Tallaght store plans to continue into the future.

Alongside supporting customers, Super Valu Fortunestown supports the creation of local jobs, with 40 people employed at the store.

With over 20 years in the business, Sarah believes that local shops are an important part of local life, providing not only a reliable service but a familiar and welcoming place where friendships and community connections are made.

When asked what working in the community means to her, Sarah said: “I’m very proud of it, very proud of the team that we’ve built and very proud to be part of Jordan’s overall.

“I’m very proud of the role we play in the community and our customers make everything easier.

“I’d like to wish all of our customers a happy and safe Christmas and see you in the shop in the coming days…”

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