Molloy’s off-licence is refurbished to create a new specialist store

Molloy’s off-licence is refurbished to create a new specialist store

MOLLOYS in Tallaght Village have been ahead of the curve in recent years, when it comes to adapting to a changing market.

The restaurant and bar sections have undergone recent major refurbishments, complimenting the lounge and late night disco, as Molloys has veered towards providing a “one-stop shop” for nights out.

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In recent months, the adjoining Molloys off-licence has also been refurbished, to create a specialist store, which manager Richard Molloy, hopes will act as a blueprint for other Molloys off-licences.

In essence, the off-licence features individual distinct worlds, where customers can enjoy the flavours and atmosphere of different tastes and beverages.

“The idea is that we have three to four specialist shops under one roof,” said Mr Molloy.

“Each section has it’s own trademark, the flooring changes when you enter the wine section. It’s the same with the lighting and signage, to create a fun feeling, people have been impressed.

“It’s nearly 95 per cent completed at this stage. We didn’t have to close but there was a lot of planning involved. It took a back seat at Christmas, but since then, we have been working hard on it.”

A key element of the new look off-licence is that staff are willing to help assist customers who wish to recreate the city centre experience at home.

Mr Molloy continued: “It’s about educating customers. A lot of the trends start in the city centre and spread to suburban areas. Gin and tonic is exploding right now. People get premium gins in the city centre with berries in a goblet and want to recreate that at home. We have all flavours of tonics and gin here, more that you would get in a shop or petrol station.

“We import a lot of wine, bypassing the middleman to give customers better value. Our craft beer range is over 400, and up to 500 in other stores. We have a bigger craft range than ever before.”

“This trend shows no sign of stopping. We would often get special edition craft beers, new tastes and flavours, that other shops wouldn’t get. Some of our craft beers are made by local guys, so it is good to support local business. The market is constantly releasing new brands. It’s an exciting time.”