Mother and Baby home survivors from South Dublin attend launch of expert publication

Mother and Baby home survivors from South Dublin attend launch of expert publication

By Maurice Garvey


MOTHER and Baby home survivors from South Dublin County travelled to Stormont on Monday – attending the launch of a publication commissioned by a panel of experts calling for redress and compensation for abuse survivors.

Ulster University funded the reports, which outline compelling reasons why a redress scheme should be implemented to address abuses inflicted on children in care homes.

Tony Kelly, a Tallaght resident said: “We were made welcome by Professor Patricia Lundy (UU), who compiled the book What Survivors Want From Redress, and Margaret McGuckin – founder and chair of Survivors and Victims of Institutional Abuse (Savia) in Belfast.

“We had a very constructive meeting and the plan is that Professor Lundy will come down to Dublin for a meeting with us and give us a blueprint to allow us to move forward in a manner that will see all victims of abuse being properly compensated.”

Mother and Baby home Belfast trip

Clondalkin man David Kinsella, said: “It was a honour to support Savia. We have been fighting for immediate interim redress before more survivors die, and continue to age and contract serious illness.

“Survivors in Dublin and Belfast will continue to protest and pursue governments and the commission of investigation to give survivors the justifiable contents of these excellent documents.”

Parkwest resident Terri Harrison, Natural Mothers Support Group, said: “Survivors across this country need to unite in many ways. I hope the Northern Ireland authorities listen to what we are all trying to say – justice must be served.”

Margaret McGuckin said the same Church and religious orders “abused and humiliated young children in their care.”

“We will continue to support each other – we know first hand each other’s pain,” she said.

“Throughout this campaign, we have learned who to trust and who will only use and abuse us once more. Let’s stand together and be that voice for those of us who cannot speak out.”

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