Motion for Tallaght Hospital backed by 12 area councillors

Motion for Tallaght Hospital backed by 12 area councillors

Dear Editor,

I wish to refer to the letter published in your edition November 30 last, headed “Time for the people of Tallaght to back the hospital” and to say that I have noted the contents, including the reference to the role of public representatives.

As a long-time elected public representative for the Tallaght area and indeed as a former member of the Tallaght Hospital Board, I have continued to strongly support the needs of Tallaght Hospital in respect of the delivery of services to our community.

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The current campaign by the Board of Tallaght Hospital to build a new 72-bed unit on the site has been strongly supported by the public representatives in Tallaght and I have certainly taken every opportunity to raise the matter.

Indeed, I have attended meetings with the CEO of Tallaght Hospital and welcomed his detailed briefings in respect of the matter.

I have also raised the matter on a number of occasions with the management of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group, and also through business at the monthly meetings of the Regional Health Forum, Dublin Mid-Leinster.


In that regard, I was unanimously supported by colleagues when I tabled a motion in the matter at our November meeting and I received the following response from HSE management: “Tallaght hospital is currently drawing up plans for a new six-storey building on a brown field site that will include 72 new single inpatient rooms, expanded Endoscopy procedure rooms and an enhanced Oncology Day service, combined with a new Pharmacy aseptic unit to address access pressures and to enhance the patient environment.

“In addition the hospital has reconfigured a ward as a dedicated older persons ward focusing on the specific needs of this patient cohort, and in conjunction with HSE community services appointed a Community Geriatrician.

“The hospital is working closely with the HSE to plan future healthcare needs of the aging population in our catchment area which will treble over the next 15 years.”

As an elected councillor for the Tallaght area, I also raised the matter at the October meeting of the Tallaght Area Committee and proposed that “This Tallaght Area Committee strongly supports proposals by Tallaght Hospital to seek funding in respect of building further capacity at the hospital to cover future demands, particularly in relation to what is seen as the growth of the ageing population in its catchment area, and calls on Simon Harris Td, Minister for Health and HSE Management, to progress the plans”

The motion was supported and unanimously passed by all 12 councillors for the Tallaght area and I know that we will all continue to support the campaign. I certainly believe that the people of Tallaght, and also those in the wider catchment area of the hospital will strongly support Tallaght Hospital which celebrates its 20th anniversary next year.

I also confirm my availability to hear from anyone who wishes to contact me in the matter.

Yours sincerely, Cllr Charlie O’Connor.