Motion passed condemning ‘illegal’ development on Naas Road

Motion passed condemning ‘illegal’ development on Naas Road

By Maurice Garvey

A MOTION condemning an “illegal” development in Bluebell was unanimously supported by councillors at the Dublin South Central area committee meeting on April 18.

The matter was brought to the agenda by Independants4Change Councillor Paul Hand, who said the site owner has “continued to flagrantly disregard the planning process”.

Naas Rd 1

Neighbours reported to The Echo a litany of problems, including works taking place at the site outside of normal working hours, at weekends, on bank holidays, and fears the two houses will be “turned into a hotel”.

One neighbour said his problem was not with the developer, but with Dublin City Council, who have “failed to take action”, despite him bringing the matter up with the council on multiple occasions, and “being passed from one person to the next”.

The issue was raised in the chamber following a planning application for retention of two properties at 80/82 Naas Road.

Applicant Thomas Horan, a local developer, submitted the retention application in March 2018.

However, in November 2017, DCC served an enforcement order in respect of unauthorised development at 80/82 Naas Road.

Unauthorised works

The enforcement order required the demolition of previous unauthorised works at the site, and the restoration of 80/82 Naas Road to it’s original condition.

After an inspection in April, DCC said the enforcement order has not been complied with, and legal proceedings are being initiated in respect of non-compliance.

Cllr Hand, said the site owner “demolished two habitable properties and replaced them with a dangerous structure”, which will “contain at least 11 bedsits style apartments upon completion”.

He said the site owner violated numerous planning requirements including “construction of a dwelling without planning permission, contravened the city development plan and violated building standards and fire safety regulations” and made the lives of neighbouring properties “a living hell”.

Councillor Vincent Jackson said the developer “should be made at his cost to restore that terrace prior to what it was prior to that development”.

Didn’t give a damn

“Every single time he was told to cease any construction work, he just didn’t give a damn. It sends out a negative message to anybody in this city if we allow this. I will absolutely freak here if this developer is given retention.

“He has shown total disregard to everybody and anybody in what he has done to date here.”

Cllr Hazel De Nortúin said developers seemed to have “no fear” of enforcement from the city council in the constituency.

“They laugh in our faces – this shouldn’t be allowed to happen and it’s been happening for a long time,” she said.

Cllr Daithi Doolan said he had been on the council long enough to remember private developers using retention orders as an “excuse to carry out urban vandalism”.

“Developers are riding roughshod over our city development plan. In this case it’s a fingers up at us, the residents, and the planning department. A line in the sand needs to be drawn.”

Cllrs called on DCC to uphold the city development plan, citing previous such successful cases where developments were denied or overturned in Terenure and Dublin 4.

At the committee meeting, DCC area manager Vincent Norton said: “The issue that we have is if we do go to court, it’s open to the court who adjourn the case, pending the outcome of the retention permission. That is a likely scenario.

“It’s also important to point out that any person who wished to make a submission or observation on the application within the five-week statutory period, may do so on the prescribed fee of €20.

“So, to get into the system, you need to have to make a submission.”

The Echo called to a house on Naas Road on the day of the motion, and left a message for Mr Horan.