Neilstown residents raise over €7,000 for local good causes

Neilstown residents raise over €7,000 for local good causes

By Maurice Garvey

RESIDENTS in Neilstown have raised over €7,000 in funds for local causes, and chief among the recipients was the autism unit at St Peter Apostle Senior National School.

Marian Reilly and Carmel McEnery were the main organisers of the fundraising efforts via raffle tickets.

Peter the Apostle Cheque 01

Marion Reilly, Sophia O'Hara and Carmel McEnery

The two ladies have been fundraising in the parish for over 30 years for various causes, including the Caroline Project, Multiple Sclerosis, the local variety group, and special celebration nights for local priests and Sr Carmel.

During a presentation at St Peter the ladies presented €5,700 to the autism butterfly unit in the senior school, €600 to Fr Abraham, and €200 towards the roof fund for St Peter Apostle Church in Neilstown.

Marian said she wanted to thank everyone who bought tickets, donated prizes and helped out, during the course of their recent work, which took place over the last three months.

“Thank you to Joyce Fitzgerald, Joan Hughes, Rema Campion, Rachel Wilson, Margaret Cooney-Cannon, Siobhan Dunne, Charlotte Knowles, Maria Lynch, Antoinette Coopey, Sharon Fogarty, and to everyone who got on board or helped out in any way,” said Marian.

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