No penalties for motorists with NCT delays

No penalties for motorists with NCT delays

MOTORISTS who have been unable to secure an NCT appointment before their current certificate lapses but have booked a test will not be penalised once their vehicle remains roadworthy.

This was confirmed by senior gardaí after a Joint Policing Committee meeting in Tallaght last week, according to Sinn Féin TD Seán Crowe, who attended the meeting.

A backlog in available appointments for NCT testing has worsened since the start of the year, while there are reports that some motorists have been waiting for up to six months for an appointment.

The penalty for driving without a valid NCT certificate is an initial fixed charge amount of €60, increasing to €90 if you do not pay within 28 days, and three penalty points.

After a Joint Policing Committee meeting in County Hall, Tallaght, last Friday, Deputy Crowe decided to raise the issue with senior gardaí who were there.

“After attending a Joint Policing Committee in County Hall [on Friday], I was able to speak to senior local gardaí about the delays that many motorists are experiencing regarding difficulties in securing an NCT appointment,” said Deputy Crowe.

“Many local residents had come to me worried that they would be forced to take their car off the road for fear of being stopped by a garda and not having a valid test certificate.

“I was very pleased to hear that the gardaí will be taking a commonsense approach to people who have a test booked but were unable to secure an appointment for a date before their previous test lapsed.

“All motorists in this position must ensure that they have proof of their NCT appointment in the car at all times.

“The gardaí also were at pains to mention however that all cars on the road must be roadworthy and that gardaí will still be vigilant for road traffic hazards such as bald tyres or missing lights.

“I recently wrote to Minister Eamon Ryan highlighting the concerns that surround the weeks and even months long delays in securing NCT appointments and the inconvenience this is posing to people trying to book.”

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