NOISE Music: South Dublin Music Generation
DJ and Decks workshop at the Noise Music Workshops in North Clondalkin Library Photo by Ben Ryan

NOISE Music: South Dublin Music Generation

Noise Music, located in Tallaght, is part of the Music Generation South Dublin programme.

They aim to ensure that young people have autonomy and control over their own art reports Merle van Erve.

The team of musicians and artists from NOISE Music work with young people across Youth Services and post-primary school settings.

They facilitate a space for young people to grow their skills, develop confidence and gain an insight into the music industry. They want young people to reach their possible musical selves through access and opportunity.

Traditional models of music education mostly focuses on technical abilities, says Aideen McLaughlin from Noise Music. She states that there is a whole other side to being a musician that involves working with producers, managers, using studio spaces and learning about how to set up the equipment and stages for performances.

“NOISE Music works with young people to connect them to artists who have been through the process already and who understand the industry inside-out as well as both the good and bad aspects of it. There is a real focus on mentorship in NOISE Music rather than on ‘teaching’ young people how to achieve their goals,’’ Says Aideen.

NOISE Music especially focuses on Rap, Hip-Hop and Electronic music as these genres have massively grown over the past few years.

“Young people love the accessibility of using top quality studio-based equipment to make the music they’re interested in. They connect to lyrics, to beats and to the wider message portrayed in these genres of music. DJ’ing is a great way for young people, particularly those who are attending youth services and who are often ‘hard to reach’, to experience musical outcomes quickly and to grow in confidence very quickly. Often these young people need to be heard, they want to be recognised and to feel like they’ve accomplished something,’’ explains Aideen.

Music Generation started in 2010 and is now in over 30 regions of the country. Nationally it is funded by U2, The Ireland Funds and the Department of Education.

In South Dublin Music Generation started in 2015 and is locally funded by South Dublin County Council, Dublin and Dun Laoghaire ETB, South Dublin Libraries and Dublin West Education Centre.

NOISE Music annually reaches over 4,500 participants and that number will possibly only grow. Over the next two or three years they hope to establish a county-wide collective of young people to work together in collaboration with different forms of art, such as, dance and visual art.

Eventually NOISE Music hopes to connect with collectives all across Ireland. Especially with Music Generation Cork City and Limerick, as similar programmes are used here. They hope to go to Europe as well.

“We want to ensure NOISE Music is sustained long into the future and are currently working with local organisations to set-up funding partnerships which will ensure we can continue to facilitate high-quality workshops for 14-18 year olds,’’ Says Aideen.

NOISE Music takes place at different times and locations, this depends on the schedule of the youth service or school. However, they do hope to develop a specific DJ programme through Tallaght and North Clondalkin libraries that will be open to 14-18 years olds very soon.

If you want to join the NOISE Music, you can get involved though youth services.

It is also possible to call Gerry Horan on 086-8341840 or email

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