Old Bawn students help improve school grounds and the community
Principal Ursula McCabe with teachers, volunteers and students at the tree planting at Old Bawn Community School on Friday

Old Bawn students help improve school grounds and the community

TRANSITION Year students at Old Bawn Community School took part in a Community Engagement week last week by planting trees, doing school enhancement projects and performing a litter pick of Sean Walsh Park.

The students participated in a number of events in the school and local community from Wednesday, February 9 to Friday, February 11.

“The mocks were on in the school, and it is much more difficult to do classes because they are spaced out and have limited numbers with social distancing, and the assembly hall was needed for the exams, so we said that we would have a community engagement and enhancement week,” transition year teacher Peter Fitzgerald told The Echo.

During the week, the students helped improve the school grounds by painting benches, painting a mural in the sensory garden, and planting trees in Tymon Crescent. On Thursday afternoon the students performed a community litter pick, picking up litter in Sean Walsh Park and Old Bawn up towards Aylesbury.

“It was a real community-based project with a lot of local groups rowing in to help out,” explained Peter. “We were trying to get the TY students engaged in projects where they are using multiple skills and make learning practical for them.”

The week was capped off with a tree planting at the school which was attended by local voluntary groups, actors from Fair City and Mayor Peter Kavanagh.

“I gave a quick survey after the week and the general consensus was that they all want to do it again,” said Peter. “They all seemed to love it and in fairness to the kids it was cold when they were getting in at 8.45am and not heading into the building, heading straight out into the yard.

“I just want to apologise to all the parents for the children coming home covered in paint and dirt – they probably have a huge amount of extra laundry to do this week.”

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