Parish priest retires amid many tributes

Parish priest retires amid many tributes

By Maurice Garvey

TRIBUTES have flowed in to honour Fr Seamus Ryan, who has retired after 26 years of service as a parish priest to St Matthews Church in Ballyfermot.

A farewell Mass was held for Fr Seamus on Friday, with St Matthews packed to the rafters, as the community came out in force to show their appreciation for a “special man.”

Fr Seamus Ballyfermot 

Fr Joe McDonald, St Matthew’s parish priest said: “It was a nice event, with everybody there, allowing us as a parish community, to show our appreciation, and the huge debt of gratitude we owe Fr Seamus.

“We ask for God’s blessing on this new chapter of his priesthood as he returns to Cappamore (Limerick – Fr Seamus’s hometown). Hundreds of people organised the event. Fr Seamus hasn’t officially retired yet – he’s still very active and has a lot of energy. He will be helping out at his parish in Cappamore.”

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In 1963, Fr Seamus studied in Westphalia, Germany, under his mentor Professor Joseph Ratzinger.

Ratzinger would go on to become Pope Benedict XVI in 2005 before retiring in 2013.

Fr Seamus recalls two “most wonderful years” at the University of Münster, and says it was a “joy” listening to Razinger’s poetry readings.

Fr Seamus was a good hurler in his time, lining out for Limerick in Croke Park in the 1950s.

In September 1990, he was appointed as parish priest to St Mathew’s, building long-lasting friendships.
Tributes flowed in for Fr Seamus this week, many praising his “generosity of spirit.”

Angela Courtney Kearney said he will “be missed” and that the farewell Mass “showed how much people think of him.”

Parishioner Frank Flood said Fr Seamus was a “wonderful servant” and it was “uplifting” in his company.

“He is a very considerate man and we shall miss his passion, commitment and kind heart,” said Frank.



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