Permission sought for construction of new data centres in Profile Park
The planning notice displayed at the site in Profile Park

Permission sought for construction of new data centres in Profile Park

PLANS for the development of two new data centres on lands within Profile Park in Clondalkin have been lodged with South Dublin County Council.

Vantage Data Centers Dub11 Ltd is seeking planning permission to demolish an abandoned single-storey dwelling and associated outbuilding (206 sq m) for the construction of two data centres in its place.

The subject 8.7 hectare site is in the townlands of Ballybane and Kilbride within Profile Park, which is known as “Ireland’s Data Centre Cluster”.

Vantage Data Centers have 17 campuses across four continents, and the company provides data centres for “top cloud providers, hyperscalers and leading technology companies”.

The plan is to build two two-storey data centres with plant at roof level of each facility and associated ancillary development which will have a total floor area of 40,580 sq m

Building 11, which is the first data centre in the plans, will be located to the south of the site and Building 12, the second data centre, will be located to north of the site.

Both data centres, which scale up to 14.23m high, will include data storage rooms, associated electrical and mechanical plant rooms, loading bays, maintenance and storage spaces and office administration areas.

A plant with PV panels at roof level as well as a separate house generator for each facility which will provide emergency power to the admin and ancillary space make up part of the plans.

Twenty-two emergency generators are associated with Building 11, and 11 with Building 12, and they will be housed within compounds to the western side of each data centre with 22.3m-high flues.

Each generator will include a diesel tank and there will be a refuelling area to serve the proposed emergency generators.

Proposals include a single-storey step-up substation (38 sq m) as well as two single-storey switch substations (121 sq m), AGI Gas Regulator compound that include three single-storey buildings (134 sq m).

Construction of a gas-powered generation plant, a 13m-high single-storey building with a floor area of 2,714 sq m, that will contain 10 gas generators with associated 25m-high flues make up part of the development.

There is provision for the “reorientation of Baldonnel Stream” with biodiversity management initiatives, attenuation ponds and underground foul and storm drain network installation.

Should “connection to the national grid” be delayed, the applicant will need to erect a temporary gas-powered generation plant within a fenced yard for a period of up to two years.

This plant will contain 21 generator units in containers, each with 25m high flues, 12 transformers and 10 containers of controls to be located to the west of Building 11.

The temporary plant will not be built if the connection to the national grid is in place prior to the operation of Building 11.

A decision is due from the local planning authority in relation to this proposal on October 25, 2021.

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