Proposal for Lucan clubs is rejected

Proposal for Lucan clubs is rejected

By Echo Reporter

SOUTH DUBLIN County Council has rejected a proposal for using a council-owned building on the Newcastle Road for local clubs.

This follows a question tabled by Councillor Liona O’Toole at last month’s Lucan Area Committee meeting of SDCC.

South Dublin County Council resized

Cllr O’Toole asked the Chief Executive “to consider the possibility of utilising the council-owned building that is currently unused on the Newcastle Road (next to Lucan Pitch and Putt club) as an interim solution to clubs that are currently hiring premises which are in horrendous conditions.”

The council replied that they purchased the site, including a yard and building, for the purpose of the South Dublin County Council Compulsory Purchase (Adamstown Road (R120) Improvement Scheme) Order, 2015, which was confirmed by An Bord Pleanála on December 23, 2015. They said that work is due to begin soon.

The council added: “The yard of the site will be fully utilised during the course of the works for the road improvement as a storage facility and compound for the contractor.

“The building has no facilities within, as there is no longer any power or foul sewerage availability. Following the completion of works, a full assessment will have to be carried out on the building to assess its viability for any future use.

“Any works to remediate the building itself will entail a large financial commitment to change its usage.”

Speaking after the meeting Cllr O’Toole told The Echo: “The Council said that the building will be used during the upgrade of the Newcastle Road which they confirmed will be starting soon.

“They said the building will be used for storage. We can readdress this situation again in a couple of years when the roadworks are completed.”



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