Realta Homecare open day service in community for people with disabilities
At the opening of the new facility on Nangor Road

Realta Homecare open day service in community for people with disabilities

RÉALTA Homecare have opened a new day service for people with disabilities which hopes to create employment within the community.

Réalta Homecare, who have their headquarters in Tallaght, opened the new day service, which is located on the Nangor Road on Thursday afternoon, September 30.

The opening of the new service was attended by several staff from the HSE and Réalta Homecare.

Réalta Homecare is one of Ireland’s leading health and social care providers, providing care in the home and community, for clients of all ages with varying degrees of ability.

“The new day service is for people with disabilities, and we are aiming for early school leavers,” Director of Operations at Réalta Homecare, Fiona Dunne told The Echo.

“It is designed for those people who are living at home. They will be picked up each day by the staff and brought to the service.

“Every client we have is so different to the next, they all have so many different diagnoses, so I would go out and do an assessment and then depending on their needs we will set a goal.”

Fiona added: “We are hoping to create employment and employment for our clients as well in the community with the new service.

“If they wanted to retrain and get back into work, we would help them and support them with job shadow and will do online courses with them prior to them starting in the workplace and support them until they were comfortable and trained in the job.”

Another important aspect that the new day care service offers is numeracy and literacy teaching as well as providing important tools for those attending to be able to live independently such as learning to cook for themselves.

“We are trying to gear all of our clients up, they may not always live alone, but some may actually move out into the community alone,” Fiona explained.

“We try and teach them how to cook starting from the basics such as learning how to make a sandwich to a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. We also teach them about numeracy and how to budget their money and pay bills.”