Remembering Adam at Bluebell benefit

Remembering Adam at Bluebell benefit

By Mary Dennehy

A BENEFIT night was held in Bluebell Football Club for the family of a young man from Jobstown who passed away suddenly last January, reports Mary Dennehy.

The Hyland boxing family helped organise the benefit night as Adam Singleton, who passed away, was a member of the Golden Cobra Boxing Club, and trained under their dad, the late Paddy Hyland.

Singleton Family. 07

Family and friends at the benefit

Paul Hyland told The Echo that the friends and family of the Singletons organised the benefit night to help raise funds towards a headstone.

A huge thanks was issued to everyone who supported the night, including local businesses which donated raffle prizes.

“Thanks to everyone who chipped in, and helped raise a few quid for the family,” Paul said.

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