Reservations about the use of ramps for traffic calming

Reservations about the use of ramps for traffic calming

COUNCILLORS in South Dublin County Council have expressed their reservations about the use of traffic ramps for traffic calming.

The Councillors were discussing traffic calming measures during last Monday’s monthly council meeting.

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The Council have published a draft collection of traffic calming criteria on how measures are implemented. Councillors stressed the need for strong support from the community for the installation of ramps and other traffic calming measures.

The draft report lays out four aims for traffic calming measures in South Dublin County.The aim of the policy is to provide consistency on how traffic calming is provided, using the various methods of traffic calming available and as a guide on how to best manage perceived/real speeding within our county. Traffic ramps should not be considered the primary method of traffic calming in our county.

The four aims are:

1. Incorporate traffic calming measures at planning and design of schemes.

2. Respond to complaints or representations received regarding perceived speeding issues. All locations within housing estates or on any road reported will be recorded. Assess the extent of the issue and prioritise between locations.

3. Subject to funding restrictions, implementing traffic calming on existing roads on a phased basis where the need has been established.

4. The Council aims to ensure that the majority of the residents of a street where speed limits are required, are in favour of traffic calming. However, numbers of persons in favour will not influence the decision to provide these measures unless it has been established that a need truly exists.

The Council say that the introduction of 30kph speed limits in all residential is pro-active step towards providing a safe environment for all road users and this will be monitored over the next year.