Residents rally to make park a safe place – with 1,000  signatures
Sean Walsh Park

Residents rally to make park a safe place – with 1,000 signatures

A COMMUNITY-led campaign to Make Watergate Park a Safe Place is holding a rally outside County Hall later this month and presenting a 1,000-signature petition to the council.

The campaign was launched by residents following an increase in anti-social behaviour in the local park, known officially as Sean Walsh Park.

As previously reported on by The Echo, park users and those living nearby have united to highlight these ongoing issues and to seek support from South Dublin County Council.

A public rally planned for outside council offices on Wednesday, June 22, is next on the campaign’s agenda, with an open invitation extended to all those who use the central Tallaght, Green Flag park.

Members of the campaign have also collected 1,000 signatures from people living across the area, and these will be presented to the council on June 22.

According to a statement released by the campaign group, the petition is calling for proper lighting to be installed in the park, the presence of park rangers and more family-friendly facilities such as benches and exercise equipment.

The petition also calls on the council to organise exercise, yoga or running programmes in Sean Walsh Park, similar to activities in other county parks, to increase community use.

An extension of the council’s Teenspace programme into Sean Walsh has also been suggested.

Speaking with The Echo, Tallaght resident Barbara Sharlott said that the campaign is looking for funding and focus to help create long-term solutions to encourage people back into the park.

“We’re not looking for a huge amount of money here, just the park’s fair share,” Barbara said.

“This is a public space for everybody… and collectively, the whole community [should be able to use it].”

Barbara also noted the park’s vibrant biodiversity and stressed that any suggestions, such as additional lighting, would be eco-friendly; protecting the park, visitors and wildlife.

The Make Watergate Park a Safe Place Campaign has invited members of the community to join them at County Hall in Tallaght on Wednesday, June 22, at 2.30pm.

For further information visit the Make Watergate Park a Safe Place Facebook page.

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