SDCC Dev Plan: Development Plan has key role to play in community infrastructure

SDCC Dev Plan: Development Plan has key role to play in community infrastructure

By Mary Dennehy

South Dublin County Council has started the process of reviewing the County Development Plan, with those living across communities invited to have their say on how their county and neighbourhood develops into the future.

According to South Dublin County Council, the County Development Plan is one of the most important documents for a local authority, and impacts on how the county deals with climate change, how people move around, where people live and work and the quality of their lives.

County Dev Plan Tymon Park 1

Large numbers attend Tymon Park which was highlighted in recent months

The first, eight-week public consultation stage of the new plan started on Friday, July 31, with citizens of the county invited to make submissions under one or all of eight strategic issues. 

The eight key strategic issues include; built environment and place making; climate action and energy; population growth and housing; sustainable movement; community services; economic development and employment; natural heritage and biodiversity; and infrastructure and utilities.

This week, The Echo asked South Dublin County Council about the strategic issue of community services…

According to the council, the County Development Plan has a key role to play in ensuring the provision of services for the community.

“Policies and objectives for the development within the county must build upon the national strategic objectives, which include compact growth, energy efficiency and accessibility”, the council said.

Community Services Header 1

The building is Rossecourt Resource Centre and Cafe in Balgaddy, which also incorporates Stewarts Care

“It is important that community services are located at central locations where they are accessible and where they can be used by everyone within our community.

“The County Development Plan will examine any gaps in community services and seek to address these through appropriate policies and objectives.”

The council believes that the importance of community infrastructure, which also includes services and facilities for health, well-being and education, was highlighted in recent months. 

“The recent experiences of Covid-19 have raised the importance in many people’s minds of the need for shared facilities within close proximity of their homes”, the council told The Echo.

“People have flocked to our parks and open spaces to exercise and to meet friends and family over the past six months and this trend is continuing. 

“As the country starts to reopen the importance of other community services such as our libraries and community centres as well as our parks and open spaces will be felt.”

The timely delivery of community services, facilities and amenities is vital, and over the decades there is plenty of lived-experience, both locally and nationally, to support this.

However, as a citizen of South Dublin County what do you think?

The County Development Plan is asking what measures should be put in place to ensure key community infrastructure is delivered in tandem with new development?

Do you believe, based on your experience of living in your community, that residents have easy access to a park, community centre, sports facility?

Has the council introduced community services in locations that work?

Do you feel that community services are being built, and built in a timely manner, to support new housing?

At a time when a large number of housing developments are planned for South Dublin County, it’s vital that council decision-makers are aware from a community-perspective of the services needed to support sustainable growth.

Share your thoughts and views by visiting

A virtual consulation room is now also open to visitors, with people invited to visit the consultation room and help shape the future of their county.

Visit the consultation room at

Planning staff will be taking calls on Thursday, September 3, between 2pm and 4pm and again from 5pm to 7pm.

Submissions can also be made through the post to County Hall in Tallaght.

For further details or to view a hard copy of the plan call the council on 4149000.

Anybody who would like to arrange a meeting with a member of the council can email

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