SDCC to plant 300 trees in Clondalkin

SDCC to plant 300 trees in Clondalkin

OVER 300 trees will be planted in Clondalkin in 2017 and 2018 as part of South Dublin County Council’s tree-planting programme.

The figures were revealed at last week’s Clondalkin area committee meeting of SDCC.

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The council said they recognise the value of street trees in the urban environment and is committed to planting new trees to ensure that the visual amenity in South Dublin is assured for future generations.

Under the tree-planting programme, three trees will be planted in Cappaghmore, 25 in Floraville, eight on Glenfield Avenue, 10 on the Glenfield Avenue boundary with the Coldcut Road, 11 will planted in Kilcronan and 11 in Lindisfarne Lawns/Green.

One will be planted in Lealand Drive, five will be planted in Melrose Park and five in Melrose Lawns. Monastery Estate will receive 12 trees and five will be planted in Monksfield Grove.

Westbourne Estate will receive 23 trees, Woodavens will get five and one tree will be planted in Yellow Meadows Lawn, leaving a total of 125. In addition to the above, a further 180 trees will be planted during November 2017 in fulfilment of tree-planting commitments under the winter 2016/spring 2017 tree-planting programme.

Locations for this tree planting include Kilcronan estate – Avenue, Close and Court, Lealand estate – Road, Avenue, Drive and Grove, Lindisfarne estate – Avenue, Drive, Grove, Vale, Avenue, Park and Walk, Monastery Rise, Woodford Terrace, Westbourne estate – Close, Court, Drive, Lawn, Rise and View.

This programme was planned for delivery in two phases, with the first phase completed in December 2016 and the second phase planned for delivery in February/March 2017.

The procurement process for the supply and planting of the second phase of tree planting was completed and the contract to undertake the works was awarded in March.

However, the Council was advised by the supplying tree nursery that survival of the trees could not be guaranteed due to early emergence of leaves and leaf growth of the trees being at a more advanced stage than normal for the year due the exceptionally mild weather of the past winter and early spring period.

 For this reason, the proposed winter 2016/spring 2017 tree planting at the locations listed above was deferred for implementation at the earliest opportunity during the next planting season in November.