Silver bullets can lead to devastating effects

Silver bullets can lead to devastating effects

By Maurice Garvey

The recreational use of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas has surged among teenagers in recent months with discarded 'silver bullets' found scattered on the ground across communities.

Youths are misusing the gas in an effort to get high, inhaling it from balloons 'ballooning' or metal cannisters, but it can lead to devastating effects.

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Father Mick Morrissey issued a warning to parents and young people

Cllr Daithí Doolan (SF), a member of the South Inner City Local Drugs Task Force, has called for the HSE the develop a public information programme.

“These capsules, cost as little as €1 each. Like any substance, it can have a serious even fatal consequences," said Cllr Doolan.

“I know parents are worried for their children.  Unfortunately much of the chatter on social media is hype and not helpful.

“This is a public health issue.  Evidence based information is needed so everyone, young and not so young, know exactly what is going on. The HSE must develop a public information programme, starting with an information leaflet as soon as possible for distribution in youth centres, health centres and schools. Turning a blind eye is not an option.”

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