Support groups for teens starting secondary school and college
Suzanne Ennis from Turn2Me

Support groups for teens starting secondary school and college

SUPPORT groups for teenagers starting or returning to secondary school and for young people going to college for the first time have been launched.

National mental health charity Turn2Me has launched the new groups after reporting a spike in young people using its website and experiencing anxiety as they prepared for school or college.

According to the charity, higher levels of anxiety are natural and should be expected starting or returning to school, with students feeling nervous encouraged to use Turn2Me’s free mental health services.

Supports include Turn2Me’s Thought Catcher online mood diary, which runs every day from 2pm to 8pm, and its free support groups run by mental health professionals.

The new groups launched include ‘Back to school & what that means’, a support group for secondary school students which operates every Wednesday at 6pm.

Suzanne Ennis, Clinical Manager at Turn2Me, said: “If the thought of school makes you stressed, anxious, feeling a little worried, this support group is for you.

“We will help you find ways to manage that sick feeling and learn the tools you need to get through it.

“Here, you can be honest and be yourself without any fear of being judged.

“Groups are 100 per cent anonymous and confidential – you’ll be able to speak to similar people in the chat function who understand you and what you’re going through.”

A second group called ‘College, the great unknown’ will run every Thursday at 6pm for college students.

“Waiting on CAO results, repeat exam results, and preparing for the next academic year is upon us,” Suzanne said.

“For so many, it’s unfamiliar and nerve-wracking.

“Starting college means a new timetable, new campus, new classmates, new cities, and new homes for some – a lot of unknowns.

“Being apprehensive, anxious, worried, or stressed is normal.

“This support group will be attended by like-minded students, experiencing the same challenges and obstacles. Let’s navigate them together.

“This support group will give young people the tools and support to help them with the transition.”

For further information on Turn2Me and to register for a group, visit HERE.

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