Tallaght Hospital seeks to expand Intensive Care Unit

Tallaght Hospital seeks to expand Intensive Care Unit

By Aideen O'Flaherty

TALLAGHT Hospital has applied for planning permission for the construction of a new entrance lobby and a single-storey, first-floor extension to the existing Intensive Care Unit in two separate applications.

It is proposed that the new entrance lobby and concourse will have a total floor area of 250 sq m and will be six metres in height.

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There are plans for the new lobby and concourse to contain a new information desk, an informal seating area and display facilities.

The applicant is also seeking permission for the demolition of the existing entrance canopy and the removal of the entire existing linear canopy over the pedestrian walkway at road frontage.

There are provisions for all associated external works, including landscaping works, drainage and new paving, and for the placement of a new sign to be fixed above the new entrance lobby doors.

In the hospital’s separate application for planning permission for the extension to the ICU, it is proposed that the extension will contain 12 isolation bedrooms, a public waiting area and an overnight area, and staff areas.

The submission contains plans for the extension to be located on the roof of the existing ground floor outpatients’ department, with the existing roof finishes to be removed.

There are plans for the extension to connect to the existing ICU at two locations, to an existing circulation route in one location and to the existing hospital street at the other location.

There will be no second-floor accommodation with the exception of an open-air plant, a screened plant and associated services with access for maintenance staff.

A decision on the application relating to the new entrance lobby is due from South Dublin County Council by February 6, while a decision relating to the proposed ICU extension is due from the council by February 9.

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