Tallaght University Hospital experiences ‘surge in activity’
Tallaght University Hospital are developing an acute floor model to address ‘surge in acticity’

Tallaght University Hospital experiences ‘surge in activity’

TALLAGHT University Hospital is currently experiencing a “surge in activity” and is in the process of developing an acute floor model in the hospital.

The HSE’s acute floor model centres on efficient streaming and management at the front door of acute hospitals, where services work in tandem to ensure access to senior relevant decision-makers at the earliest opportunity.

The Dublin Midland Regional Hospital Group outlined the activities in response to a motion tabled by Fianna Fáil councillor Charlie O’Connor at a Dublin Mid-Leinster Regional Health Forum meeting on Tuesday.

Cllr O’Connor stated in his motion that, at last month’s health forum meeting, it was revealed that the activity in TUH’s emergency department in June and July was the busiest period in the hospital in the last six years.

Cllr O’Connor described this as a “crisis”, and asked for the Dublin Midland Regional Hospital Group to outline the measures they were implementing to deal with the surge in people attending the hospital.

In response, the hospital group stated: “A large number of measures have been introduced to manage the current surge in activity.

The hospital has received support for additional service developments from the HSE, in addition we have received support as part of the HSE’s Winter Preparedness plan to develop an acute floor model at the hospital.

“This will be located in the space that will be vacated by CHI when they move to their new facility in November 2021.

“Additional staffing have been approved as part of this development and the hospital has an active recruitment programme for all grades of clinical staff.

“We have run a very successful recruitment campaign to date.”

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