Thomas’s Trendy Socks to support Pieta House

Thomas’s Trendy Socks to support Pieta House

By Maurice Garvey

TALLAGHT entrepreneur Thomas Barry launched a new range of his socks brand in conjunction with World Mental Health Day 2020 on October 10 – donating €2 for every pair sold to Pieta House.

Thomas, owner of Thomas’s Trendy Socks, runs the business supported by his Dad Finbar Barry, and nephew Shane Barry.

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Finbar Barry pictured with his son Thomas Barry and Grandson Shane Barry at the launch of the new “It’s Okay, Not To Be Okay” Mental Health Awareness Socks­

The Ellensborough resident suffers with Downs Syndrome as well as a host of other serious illnesses such as Perthes Disease, Hirschsprung Disease, Heart Murmur, Under-active Thyroid, Hiatus Hernia, stomach Re-flux and he was the youngest person ever to have hip replacements in Ireland at just 28. 

However, this has not affected his creative desire to help others.

This week Thomas launched ‘It’s Okay, Not To Be Okay’ socks and for every pair sold, he is donating €2 to Pieta to directly support the battle against mental health issues.

“I looked at options over the years in the hope to provide some way for Thomas to feel like he can have a job just like everybody else (bearing in mind his disabilities) and the answer was staring me in the face,” said Finbar Barry.

“Thomas has always played with socks, he is quite an expert with it after many years of practice.

He never played much with toys in his early childhood but would go nowhere without his socks, some children get comfort from a teddy with Thomas it was always the socks.

So, we launched Thomas’s Trendy Socks for Thomas selling socks the things he loves most.”

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