Three-stage opening for public park in Lucan area slowed because of weather

Three-stage opening for public park in Lucan area slowed because of weather

By Aimee Walsh

A NEW large-scale public park in Lucan will see a three-stage phased opening over the summer months, with the park currently partially open to the public.

Tandy’s Lane Park in Adamstown, Lucan, partially opened to the public on June 30, with the large-scale full public park expected to open in September.

Tandys Lane Park during construction trying to find a better one 1

Tandys Lane Park during construction, is expected to open in September

Plans for the development of the 7.7-hectare public park were given the go-ahead by South Dublin County Council back in 2018 and once fully complete will have playing pitches, a teen space, playgrounds, and fitness area.

In a statement outlining the phased opening of the park, South Dublin County Council said: “Unfortunately, it is not feasible – at this juncture – to open the entirety of the park as seeding and planting within certain sections of the Park have not yet established to allow full public access.

“It is considered that the relatively slow establishment period has been as a result of below average ground temperatures during spring of this year.”

The planting within the remaining sections of the park will be kept under review, with a view to permit stage 2 opening at the end July and the final stage to open in early September.

The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government allocated a combined €15m to deliver three projects – Tandy’s Lane Park, Airlie Park and the Celbridge Link Road through the Local Infrastructure Housing Activation Funds, with South Dublin County Council allocating an additional €5m.

Work is still underway on the development of Airlie Park, which is located within Tandy’s Lane Helens Development Area within Adamstown SDZ Planning Scheme Area.

The park will be a larger

10.95 hectares, containing an all-weather pitch, a cricket ground, tennis courts, basketball courts, a teen space and 56-space car parking and cycling parking.

There will also be changing rooms, storage facilities and a café.

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