Traveller accommodation discussions have begun

Traveller accommodation discussions have begun

By Brendan Grehan

ADAMSTOWN will receive 24 units of Traveller specific accommodation under a phased basis, the Lucan Area Committee of South Dublin County Council heard on Tuesday, reports Brendan Grehan.

Councillor Guss O’Connell had proposed a motion asking the Chief Executive “to bring forward the plans for the Traveller specific accommodation in Adamstown.”

Adamstown 2

The Adamstown area to get 24 units for Travellers

Cllr O’Connell also called for the development “to commence at the earliest possible opportunity and to this end that a time schedule be now furnished to this Committee.”

The Council replied that under the provisions of the Traveller Accommodation Act 1998, South Dublin County Council is required to prepare, adopt and implement a Traveller Accommodation Prog-ramme to meet the accommodation needs of the county’s indigenous Traveller Community, i.e. those families who have been resident in the county for at least three years prior to the adoption of South Dublin County Council’s Traveller Accommodation Programme 2014-2018.

The Council stated that the Adamstown SDZ Planning Scheme 2014 makes provision for the development of up to 24 units of Traveller Accommodation to be provided at 4 different locations within the Adamstown SDZ with capacity for up to six units, depending on the requirements of South Dublin County Council.

They added: “Preliminary discussions have begun with the developers in relation to the provision of this accommodation, which will be provided on a phased basis as the development of Adamstown progresses.”

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