Visiting returns on phased basis to Tallaght University Hospital
Phased visiting returns to the local hospital (Image: TUH)

Visiting returns on phased basis to Tallaght University Hospital

TALLAGHT University Hospital has announced the return of visiting on a phased basis, with an easing of restrictions for vulnerable patients starting on Monday, May 16.

As limited visiting commences, the local hospital is asking members of the public to exercise caution and prioritise visiting vulnerable family members only.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) has, where possible, facilitated visits on compassionate grounds.

Staff have also helped families stay connected through virtual visits, the patient care drop-off package service and the ‘sending love’ postal service.

Commenting on the return of visiting on a phased basis, Director of Nursing and Integrated Care Áine Lynch said: “I appreciate that despite our best efforts to put arrangements in place the restriction on general visiting has been very difficult for both patients and their loved ones.

“These restrictions were put in place to keep everyone as safe as possible; we are very pleased to reintroduce limited visiting to the hospital to support our more vulnerable patients.

“I hope the community can continue to support us and ensure they follow our visiting guidelines and prioritise visits for vulnerable family members only.”

TUH visiting hours are from 2pm to 4pm and 6pm to 8pm, with all visitors required to check in with a member of the security team.

Visitors are asked to clean their hands and wear a mask throughout their time in the hospital. Dr Anna Rose Prior, Consultant Microbiologist at TUH, said: “As visiting returns and Covid is still with us, being mindful of hand hygiene as you visit a loved one in hospital has never been more important.

“Clean your hands as you enter the hospital, the ward / room your loved one is in and repeat the process as you leave.

“Infections can come from any source and the last thing you want to leave your loved one with is a new infection that you bring into the hospital with you.

“If you have any cold, flu, Covid symptoms or vomiting or diarrhoea postpone the visit.

“This is in the best interest of the health of your loved one, all other patients and the staff caring for them.”

Visiting will be ‘limited’

According to TUH, access for visitors will be limited to manage heavy footfall in the hospital.

Members of the public have been asked to schedule visits with family as only one visitor is permitted per patient at any one time unless that visitor needs assistance.

Children are not permitted unless in exceptional circumstance and with prior agreement with the clinical nurse manager on the ward.

Visitors are asked to stay in the room or at the bed space of the person they have come to see, and to avoid interaction with anyone other than this person and relevant staff.

The hospital has also reminded people to use visitor toilets rather than patient toilets to reduce the risk of cross infection.

Declan Daly, Chair of the Patient Community Advisory Council said: “I am delighted that the hospital is opening back up to visitors, but I would ask people to remember that visits can be tiring.

“Remember, it is the fact that you visited not how long you stayed. “As someone is recovering from illness they need their rest, sometimes a visit when they return home would be more beneficial to the person.

“We also need to be mindful that visiting brings with it a responsibility for the health of your loved one and the staff caring for them.”

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