Wellbeing Week at Kingswood CC focuses on mental and physical health

Wellbeing Week at Kingswood CC focuses on mental and physical health

Wellbeing week in Kingswood Community College began last Monday with a huge emphasis on both mental and physical health, happiness and feeling good.

The week long event was organised by the student council and prefects under the guidance of Teachers Oide Amy and Oide Emma.

Kingswood College 05

Students from Kingswood Community College.

Activities ran at various stages during the week which kept students and teachers on their toes, both literally and figuratively.

Events such as “Tea and Talks at lunch”, obstacle courses on yard and mindful music on the intercom before school were some which were enjoyed by all.

Mental health chats and activities were undertaken and organised by the students themselves, under the watchful eye of trained adults.

Speakers on nutrition and physical fitness spoke to second years, and a representative from NUI Maynooth, Dr John McGinnity speaking to third years on exam pressure and choosing subjects after Junior Cycle that they enjoy.

Through the school’s Amber Flag committee, there was a fundraiser for Pieta House, whereby students purchased a sock to decorate and express their personalities through art.

These were then hung along the corridor to show we are all individuals.

The week was inclusive and fostered a happy atmosphere in an already positive and successful learning environment. 

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