What is Covid? Find out in this Free Downloadable Children’s Book

What is Covid? Find out in this Free Downloadable Children’s Book


Award winning children’s author Aoife Lawler, and her husband Gavin from Dublin based Innov8 Creative Academy Ltd are thrilled to be partnering with McCauley Pharmacy throughout Ireland to offer parents the opportunity to access a ‘FREE Downloadable eBook’ for children explaining the Covid-19 Global Pandemic to children in a simple and easy to understand manner.

The storybook is an endearing, cleverly written, fully illustrated story book perfect for all young children and parents to read together to gain an understanding of Covid-19 and the role children play in stopping the spread of the virus.

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The storybook is a tool which seeks to encourage children to act responsibly through a better understanding of the reasons why we need to maintain a safe environment.

The book also seeks to ease any worries which may exist.

Gavin Lawler of Innov8 explains,“We were in the home office working away, when our 6 year old, Jonah, walked in to us with purpose and asked us…

‘How tall is Covid?’

“We were embarrassed with the realisation that we had neglected to explain what was happening to Jonah in a way that he understood.

To be honest it got us thinking and we hatched a plan to write a short story for children to help them understand what Covid is but even more importantly, what it is not.

Since our earlier toy making days when we co-founded The Irish Fairy Door Company, we understood the importance of connecting with children at their level.

We really wanted to join the cause of ‘helping out’ in a way we could and this FREE eBook was something we could do and offer to families.”

Aoife Lawler of Innov8 also explains how the book is aimed at helping to reduce anxiety, she said: “2020 has seen some unprecedented scenarios play out for everyone from the oldest in our communities to the youngest, some of which were kind of scary so a story for children to help alleviate worries or anxieties around Covid was something we could turn around relatively easily.”

Innov8 are delighted to be partnering with a reputable and respected professional service like McCauley Pharmacies for the project as it guarantees anyone who wants access to the Free eBook, can do so quickly and efficiently.

Download now for FREE at: www.mccauley.ie/free-downloadable-kids-book-what-is-covid

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