50th anniversary for Arthur Griffith Park
Lisa, Jackie, Audrey and Rachel

50th anniversary for Arthur Griffith Park

A GOOD old-fashioned street party was the way in which residents came together to celebrate 50 years of the housing estate’s existence.

Community spirit is widespread in Arthur Griffith Park this week following the 50th anniversary celebrations which took place through a big street party.

All 277 residents from the Lucan estate, past and present, were invited to pull a chair out of their houses and take part in the festivities last Saturday.

“It went perfectly, with it being Tuesday now, people are still calling saying they had a good time and that there was something there for everyone,” Danielle Kearns, resident of Arthur Griffith Park, tells The Echo.

“Old and young, babies, children and adults, there was something for everyone, past residents from the nursing home down the road were invited as well.”

Six weeks ago, Danielle banded together with fellow residents, Anita O’Kearney, Sarah Graham, Kelly Mitchell, Anna O’Kearney, Tina Bennett, Leanne Spollen and Francis Spollen to form a 50th anniversary event committee.

Serving as the treasurer of the group, Danielle, who has lived in the estate for the last seven years, helped raise some €2,500 to cover the costs of running the street party.

Wendy, Cathy, Elaine, Laura and Denise

Built in 1972 by Dublin County Council, Arthur Griffith Park was named after the revolutionary, founder of Sinn Féin, former president of Dáil Éireann, and delegate during the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty.

With it recently being the centenary of the death of Arthur Griffith, a descendant – Tiernan Griffith Gray – was invited and attended the 50th anniversary of the housing estate named in his memory.

Starting off with a Mass, the street party then kicked into high gear with live music, face-painting, bouncy castles, dancing, a boxing display in a ring loaned by Esker Boxing Club, and fun and games.

Spirits were high, in what is, a quaint friendly housing estate.

“It’s a very quiet estate, and at the same time everyone is so close, and everyone looks out for each other,” Danielle continues.

“With the way the estate is, there are squares and everyone looks after each other in their square while checking in on everyone else outside of that.

“We’re very lucky, everyone really gets along and cares about each other.”

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