A penchant for fashion and music: Photographer Tessy Ehiguese enjoys capturing beauty
Professional photographer Tessy Ehiguese

A penchant for fashion and music: Photographer Tessy Ehiguese enjoys capturing beauty

When Tessy Ehiguese was a Transition Year student in St Joseph’s College in Lucan she started to become enthralled by the world of photography. Now aged 26 and working as a professional photographer, Tessy captures striking images with a particular penchant for fashion, beauty and music shoots.

Her photos have been featured in many publications, including magazines such as IMAGE and Hot Press, and she deftly combines graphic design, fine art and traditional photography in her output.

Tessy, who lives in Liffey Valley Park in Lucan, told The Echo about her early dalliances with photography, what she enjoys the most about her work, and common misconceptions people have about what it’s like to work as a photographer.

Your passion for photography was ignited when you were a TY student in St Joseph’s, can you tell me a bit about that?

Yes, when I was in TY was when I started seeing photography as a hobby.

Transition Year was a time to take a break from studying and look at other practical skills one may have. At that time, I was interested in purchasing an Insta Pic camera.

As I researched different cameras, I stumbled into a Canon 700d DSLR.

It looked cool, so I decided to save up money for it. In the long run my parents ended up purchasing it as a family camera.

Growing up we’d always had a family camera to capture moments and print photos.

What difference did having that camera make?

I guess it was just normal to have a camera around. The Canon camera came in handy when I had Transition Year photography art projects in school to undertake, and a friend of mine, who was into photography, would bring me along for print shoots and show me how to use some tools on Photoshop.

I was just capturing anything and everything. I saw it as a medium to freely express myself and to create stories.

Was there a specific moment or experience that, for you, cemented your resolve to pursue a career in photography?

I wouldn’t say there was a specific moment or experience. I just kept taking photos from Transition Year, to then going on to study a bit of photography and media.

During that time, I was taking photos at gigs here and there. I guess I started to see a demand for the medium when I was getting paid for gigs. And honestly? It was just fun.

Your work traverses a number of different industries, such as fashion, music and beauty, but what is your favourite type of photography to shoot?

I enjoy shooting with people and capturing beauty, although I adore creative beauty photography.

I would have to say that capturing musicians for their album covers is my favourite style of photography.

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions people have about working photographers? Is it always as glamorous as it appears?

So it’s definitely not glamorous whatsoever! I think people think it’s an easy job, just to click a shutter and, ‘Boom, perfection!’

But there’s a lot that comes with the craft. Perfecting lighting, framing your subject, storytelling and not to mention editing.

It takes time and dedication but, hey, the easy bit is just clicking the shutter.

I think people also think photographers are overpriced, but since a lot comes with the craft, like purchasing gear, I think our various rates are reasonable.

What photo or shoot are you most proud of so far?

My favourite shoot so far was actually a random fine art test shoot I did in 2019, and edited in 2020 during lockdowns when I had absolutely no work.

That photo has recently been exhibited in the Photo Ireland Museum in Dublin Castle, so I’m very proud of that work.

What advice would you have for any budding photographers?

My advice would be to continue to refine your skills – be your own photographer, as in, find your own style.

It’s really easy to give up on this craft but look for the joy in it. I also recommend doing creative shoots once in a while.

For more information visit tessymedia.myportfolio.com and follow @Tessy_Photography on Instagram.