BirdWatch Ireland undertake survey for Swifts across county

BirdWatch Ireland undertake survey for Swifts across county

South Dublin County Council and BirdWatch Ireland are undertaking a Survey for Swifts across South Dublin County in 2020.

 Swifts are small migratory birds that visit Ireland every year from southern Africa. They arrive here to nest in May before returning again to the southern hemisphere in late August.

Swift Close up Catherine Casey compressor

Swift Close-up (Image: Catherine Casey)

 Swifts have adapted to nesting in cavities in buildings in our cities, towns, and villages, making them an iconic bird of our urban environment.

Their distinctive ‘screaming’ call is uttered on the wing as they fly over rooftops at high speed.

  Their future is seriously threatened, however, due primarily to the loss of nesting sites. 

To help stop this worrying decline, it is vital for us to understand Swift nesting patterns and the factors impacting on successful nesting.

 Your help is needed to discover how many Swifts there are in the County and where they are nesting.

 As part of a wider national survey for Swifts, BirdWatch Ireland will be undertaking ground survey work in South Dublin County in June, July and August to find, record, and map nesting sites.

 Also, through social media and other digital means, they are encouraging local communities and residents to get involved, by recording and reporting the presence of Swifts in their own localities.

 From May 29, a link to an online presentation with all the details on this project and how you can get involved can be accessed on BirdWatch Ireland’s Facebook Page BirdWatchIreland or YouTube Channel: BirdWatchIreland

 The ‘Saving Swifts’ free guide booklet can also be downloaded from the BirdWatch Ireland Website.

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