Campaign increases to refurbish Silver Bridge

Campaign increases to refurbish Silver Bridge

By Maurice Garvey

Silver Bridge resizedA PETITION to refurbish the Silver Bridge – also known as the Guinness-Farmleigh Bridge spanning the Liffey from Waterstown Park in Palmerstown to Castleknock – has gathered 245 signatures.

Organisers hope to reach 2,000 signatures to put pressure on authorities to repair the bridge, which is currently under the responsibility of Fingal County Council.
The strip of land on the south side of the bridge is in private ownership.

The historic bridge was built between 1872 and 1880 to supply electricity to the home of Edward Cecil Guinness’s Farmleigh house.

The bridge served many functions, icnluding bringing water to Farmleigh clock tower and hydro-electricity generated from the 17 mills based along the river Liffey, along with access for workers on the estate.

A petition on states the reasons for the repair are to do with with Irish heritage and “it would be a shame to let it fall into the Liffey.”

Organisers say a refurbished bridge could serve as an access point for pedestrians to Phoenix Park from Lucan and Palmerstown.

They also say it could also be used as an alternative route as part of the Liffey greenway plan and
act as a tourist route, bringing money into the Palmerstown and Lucan areas, creating a more vibrant Waterstown Park.

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