‘Click and collect’ drug dealing is worrying trend
One of the areas highlighted in yellow which has drug dealing issues

‘Click and collect’ drug dealing is worrying trend

THE presence of ‘click and collect’ drug dealing locations are a “worrying trend” that need to be addressed, according to Cllr Shane Moynihan (FF).

Cllr Moynihan raised the issue of “rampant drug dealing” at one such location – Moorfield in Clondalkin – at the recent Lucan/Palmerstown/North Clondalkin area meeting.

“It is very bad, a patch of green area behind Cooleven,” he said.

“Locals in the area are observing people coming in. It is the same as some places like Buirg An Ri in Balgaddy, locations where you go to get drugs, they operate outside, click and collect, it is a worrying trend.”

Cllr Moynihan said a major concern in Moorefield, is the activity occurs “throughout the day” and he believes it is not just an issue for the council and gardai to address.

In response to Cllr Moynihan, South Dublin County Council said it’s Estate Management Unit are “aware of anti-social behaviour issues at this location” and are “working closely with gardai and local residents to address these matters”.

“Information has been provided to one resident through their local TD regarding the procedure involved in extinguishing the public right of way and incorporating a laneway into their garden. It is not possible to incorporate the second laneway into residents’ gardens,” said the council.

“If residents witness drug dealing in this area, they should report the matter in the first instance to Ronanstown Garda Station on 6667000 and also to the Estate Management Unit on 4149000, by email to estmg@sdublincoco.ie or via WhatsApp on 086 0602586 for further investigation.

“The Estate Management Unit investigates allegations of anti-social behaviour where the perpetrators can be identified as being members of a council tenanted dwelling and appropriate action under the Housing Act 2014 will be initiated in respect of the tenancy.”