Urgent call to install CCTV to prevent drug use in area
The pedestrian-cycle path

Urgent call to install CCTV to prevent drug use in area

THERE are calls for CCTV to be installed at a pedestrian-cycle path in Clondalkin “as a matter of urgency” to deter anti-social behaviour and drug use in the area.

Councillor Francis Timmons recently forwarded a motion at a council meeting requesting to write to the Garda Commissioner to approve two CCTV cameras for Ashwood and Alpine along the pedestrian-cycle path.

“It is an ongoing issue that has been going on for nearly two years now,” Cllr Timmons told The Echo.

“We got the opening that goes from Alpine and Ashwood onto the Fonthill Road, and part of the agreement with residents at the time was that we would get CCTV put on the path.

“It turned out then that the Gardai couldn’t do it and the council couldn’t do it so now we have to go to the Garda commissioner.

In their response, the council said that the Road Design and Construction section wrote to the Gardai earlier this year in relation to the CCTV request. If the motion is passed, a letter will then be issued to the Garda Commissioner seeking approval for the CCTV facilities under the Garda Community schemes.

Speaking about the urgency of the issue, Cllr Timmons added: “It is a genuine concern for residents, there is a lot of anti-social behaviour going on around there.

“The residents would say that it is happening a lot more since the pedestrian path was put in. That was the agreement that was made at the time to put the CCTV in. They want to feel safe in their homes and take comfort in knowing that the Guards are monitoring that area.”