Clondalkin shopping centres join Gardaí in business-watch network

Clondalkin shopping centres join Gardaí in business-watch network

By Maurice Garvey

SHOPPING centres in Clondalkin have joined a business-watch network – the initiative facilitated by Clondalkin Gardaí.

Retailers from Bawnogue, Greenpark, Woodford and Kingswood shopping centres, met in the Green Isle Hotel, on April 13, in an effort to improve security and mitigate against potential threats.

Bawnogue shops 1

Sergeant Vincent Connolly, a crime prevention officer with Dublin Metro West, warned businesses of a number of scams doing the rounds, and urged retailers to implement procedures to protect their business and staff.

Some key points include time-locks on safes, banking till limits, and positioning the best CCTV camera at the front door – deemed to be the most vulnerable point of entry for most businesses.

Bringing money to the bank, Sgt Connolly urges caution.

“If you have to go to the bank, try not to do it on your own, particularly for women staff,” said Sgt Connolly.
“Don’t take the same route at the same time to the bank every week, robbers have all day to do their homework.”

He encouraged retailers to use standard alarm systems insured to EU standards, ensure bright lighting at external/internal area of a store, utilise control systems on doors, and install laminated glass (if it breaks – it makes noise).

He continued: “Never leave a till unlocked, tidy up the shop regularly so that you notice if anything is missing, view all mirrors and eliminate blind spots, put up clear signage for private areas.”

The most vulnerable times for retail stores are opening and closing time, whilst part-time and younger staff members, can also be most vulnerable to criminals.

Advice during a robbery, is to use the CO-OP action – Co-operate, Obey, Observe (details/tattoos/ accents/direction) and Preserve (crime scene).

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