Corkagh Park to receive €1 million to upgrade facilities and fishery

Corkagh Park to receive €1 million to upgrade facilities and fishery

By Claire Christensen

CORKAGH Park will receive more than €1 million in upgrades over the next six years, including improvements in camping, fishery, playground and event facilities.

The six-year plan was approved at the South Dublin County Council meeting this week, and the €1,167,000 will be funded by the SDCC capital programme and revenue budget as well as by the leverage of grant opportunities.

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The main topics that will be focussed on during the improvements are: fishing, infrastructure, toilets, marketing, tourism, a coffee shop, and a fairy theme.

The plan has strong support from the community, as evidenced by surveys, interviews, and workshops conducted in preparation for the proposal.

A number of councillors asked if there is a plan to rejuvenate the fisheries in the park, and the council said that there is a fisheries scheme and study in the works.

Councillor Trevor Gilligan said: “The fisheries once were utilised by many community groups and schools but that is not the case now; the council must invest money and resources into developing the fisheries to bring people in from all over Ireland, not just Dublin.

“Fishing groups from outside of Dublin used to visit Corkagh Park because of the quality of fishing in the lake, and in turn, money was invested into the economy.

“If the council  have a top-class fishery, it will in return make money back for the council.”

The plan will also improve the campgrounds at Camac Park, allowing local and foreign visitors to enjoy a unique camping experience.

Provision has already been made for a number of improvements, including car park and foot path resurfacing, improved park entrances, playground and toilet renovations, a CCTV upgrade, and the Corkagh Park pavilion programme.

The plan also aims to capitalise on the potential of Corkagh Park as a large events space with accommodations such as improved toilets and campgrounds for locals and visitors alike.

The park would also host family fun days, offering a range of engaging and exciting events for all ages and abilities.

Cllr Gilligan said: “It is not feasible right now for residents on the other side of Clondalkin to access Corkagh park.

“Transport and signage development will make it easier for residents throughout Clondalkin to access Corkagh Park, and more amenities in the park will also mean wider use from residents.”

The ultimate goal of the improvement plan is to provide a high quality space for everyone to enjoy, with a wide range of activities, events, and entertainment.

Councillor Mark Ward said: “Clondalkin is on the rise right now, and this project in conjunction with the Round Tower project will make Clondalkin a place to visit, and put it on the map.”

“The council will conduct a viability study on the fisheries to see about rehabilitation of the lakes and the possibility of watersports.”

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