Council slammed for neglecting parking problem

Council slammed for neglecting parking problem

By Maurice Garvey

THE viability of business in Ballyfermot is being “crucified” due to a lack of car-parking regulation, according to Independent councillor Vincent Jackson.

Speaking at this week’s Dublin South Central area committee meeting, Cllr Jackson says the situation has deteriorated into a “free-for-all” in recent months, and blasted the city council for not allocating a parking warden to the area.

Ballyfermot Rd at Grange X 1

Businesses have vented their frustration in the past with the issue, with Grange Cross used as a loading bay during the day, and vehicles often temporarily blocking cars who have managed to secure a parking spot.

Cllr Jackson said: The non-existent nature of traffic wardens, calls into serious concern the whole viability of having a pay-as-you-go operation, when there is nobody there to physically implement whether people are adhering to the law.

“In the last few months, it’s like a free-for-all there. I would ask the city council to ensure that this is rectified. I got a response [at an earlier meeting] that they would send whoever the operators of clamping services are for the city council.

“But we need a visible body of the ground, from disabled accessible spots, to the other spots along Ballyfermot Road, and there aren’t many of them, it’s like a free-for-all.”

He continued: “I’ve watched and observed myself, people leaving the cars there for the whole day, and getting on public transport and going into town, on the basis, they obviously know they are not going to be held accountable.

“That will crucify the viability of the Ballyfermot village area if there isn’t a turnover in car-parking spaces.”

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