Crime increases by  37 per cent in some South County areas

Crime increases by 37 per cent in some South County areas

By Aideen O'Flaherty

THERE has been a significant increase in crimes in Rathcoole and Lucan, with Rathcoole seeing a 37 per cent increase in crime last year, while Lucan saw a 31 per cent increase, compared to crime figures from 2018.

The recently released Central Statistics Office (CSO) figures revealed that, nationally, Rathcoole had the fourth highest increase in crime.

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The number of reported theft and related offences in Rathcoole jumped from 272 in 2018 to 417 in 2019, while Lucan also saw an increase in the same category, as there were 435 offences in 2018, but last year the number rose to 516.

Speaking about the rise in crime in Rathcoole, local Fianna Fáíl councillor Trevor Gilligan told The Echo: “Anybody from the outside looking in would’ve seen that there are residents in the Four Districts [Saggart, Brittas, Rathcoole and Newcastle] that have been calling for more garda resources.

“I think the rise in theft in Rathcoole is probably because the area is more sparsely populated, and the culprits don’t seem to have any respect for the law or gardai, or consider the consequences for themselves and the people they target.

“It’s disgraceful to see such a high increase in crime in Rathcoole – it’s a nice area with a small community.”

Cllr Gilligan added that numerous public meetings have been held where locals have voiced their concerns about an increase in burglaries and thefts, and several householders said their houses had been robbed while they were inside the property.

“The guards have been on the ball about it, and they’ve asked to community to report any incidents,” he added.

“If incidents aren’t reported, then nothing goes to the gardai and nothing gets back to the minister.”

Other areas also saw a sharp increase in thefts and related offences, including Rathfarnham, where there were 682 offences in 2018 and 971 in 2019, and Tallaght, which recorded 1,664 in 2018 – this rose to 1,996 last year.

In Rathcoole, there was an increase in public order and other social code offences, with 29 offences in 2018, and 55 last year.

There was also a notable increase in crimes in Lucan, as the number of controlled drug offences rose from 80 in 2018 to 158 in 2019, while there was also a sharp increase in burglaries and related offences, which totalled 158 in 2018, but increased to 237 last year.

Controlled drug offences in Clondalkin rose from 195 in 2018 to 329 last year, while there was an increase in the same offences in Crumlin, where there were 95 offences in 2018, but this figure rose to 154 last year.

A significant increase in controlled drug offences was also recorded in Ballyfermot, where there were 210 in 2018, compared to 375 last year.

The figures are based on data recorded by the Garda Pulse system, and they do not include offences such as homicides or sexual offences.

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